About the Proprietor

My name is Sylvia Asmussen and God has blessed me with so many opportunities in life.  I went to college for Interior Design, I worked for a major retailer as their Visual Merchandiser and Buyer, I was a Makeup Artist with national clients, I did Wardrobe and was an Art Director in feature films,  I was a Stylist for print and television commercials and I've had my own small vintage resale business for several years.  And I've loved all of it!  But nothing excites me more than Paris Cowgirl.

I owe my love of antiques and vintage clothing to my two grandmothers and my interest in the French culture to my father, who were all wonderful influences in my life. My grandmas were savvy ladies who made miracles of their modest homes and wardrobes. One taught me how to restore or repaint antiques to give her room a new look and the other dressed me up in her beautiful vintage clothing and taught me how to accessorize.  My dad fascinated me with stories of his military days in Paris and with the European records he brought home. 

Paris Cowgirl is a love of my roots and influences.  I was born and raised in Texas and love being a cowgirl, but I also love vintage clothing and French culture.  So I decided to merge my favorite styles into something my family helped to mold---the Paris Cowgirl.
Paris glamour fused with American western.