Paris Cowgirl Style

What is the Paris Cowgirl style?  It is a fusion of Paris glamour and American western in two collections: home decor and fashion.

Our home decor collection combines the simple elegance of a French maison with the rugged beauty of an American ranch.

Looking for that perfect complement to your French shabby piece?  Try a a rustic western piece full of character.  We marry silver, gold and glass decor with chippy painted furniture and rusty accessories.

And why stop at home decor?  Paris Cowgirl extends into your wardrobe with our fashion collection.

Our French glamour pieces are defined by flowing skirts, sheer fabrics and intricate detail.  Our American western pieces are defined by classic denim, leather and chunky jewelry. 

So go ahead, pull on a pair of western boots to go with that glamorous dress.  It's the Paris Cowgirl way.

It's Paris glamour.  It's American western.  It's Paris Cowgirl.
Paris glamour fused with American western.